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Saving Your Sanity Takes on a New Identity: Contemporary Lifestyle Publishing Inc. Launches A New Transition Coaching Program

July 26, 2010

Saving Your Sanity Takes on a New Identity: Contemporary Lifestyle Publishing Inc. Launches A New Transition Coaching Program.


On the issue of identity

February 4, 2010

‘Identity’ belongs to the category of words that connote different meanings to various categories of people. It is a well-used  word in everyday life. This  wide-spread usage is called for as identity signifies a collection of traits, that when combined together presents you as a whole person.

Identity is the distinguishing characteristic or personality of an individual, the relation established by psychological identification.

Theorist Erik Erikson described identity as ‘a subjective sense as well as as an observable quality of personal sameness and continuity, paired with some belief in the sameness and continuity of some shared world image’.

This sameness and continuity  describing who you are is collated from various aspects of your life.

The most asserted part of your identity is based on your physical self . This is the aspect that relates to what  you look like i.e. your physical features. This physical self is often linked to self-esteem- the way you view yourself. Self-esteem, however, is  not based only on your physical features, but other aspects of your identity described below.

 Your  family of origin  is an integral part of your family/ethnic/cultural identity. And so is your choice of  spouse if you are married.

As adults, you have friends, join clubs and interact with people in your neighbourhood. These impinge on your social/community identity.

How you choose to relate to God describes your spiritual identity. Your intellectual  identity accrues from the ways you choose to express your creativity.

Your professtional and career choices depict your career identity. Your economic identity is constituted of  the caliber of your pay-packet and what  you choose to spend your money on.

Thus identity, that sense of sameness and continuity, is summed up by factors such as your physical self and self-esteem,  your family, culture, ethnicity, career, social/community involvements,  spirituality and intellectual outputs.

That sense of sameness and continuity is what  we all desire to preseve as human beings when we take various steps to ‘protect’ our identity.

So why in the world would any one need a new identity? Why should any one  consider dropping old traits that they are made up of? And why should a well meaning individual take on the task of developing new traits and thereby, a new identity?

My next post  will provide some insights to such questions.

Establishing A New Identity?

January 31, 2010

Why would I desire to Establish a New Identity?
What if I am stuck in the middle of a transition?
What if I did not ask for the change that Iam currently experiencing? Will I stlll be able to enjoy A New identity?
How do I go about Establishing A New identity?
What does it take to Establish A New Identity?
What are the Implications of Establishing A New Identity?
Illustrations of people and organizations who have successfully Established A New identity?
How long does it take to establish a New identity?
What if I have failed in my previous attempt to Establish A New Identity?
What does Establishing A New identity have in store for me?
How could my organization Establish a New identity?

Watch out for the answers to the above questions and much more in this blog.
Come aboard the journey of Establishing A New identity!
You will be glad you did!!